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Coming early 2024

Creator / Producer

At present this whole thing is a one man show. I’m the creator, producer, puppeteer, voice actor, lighting, cameraman, smoke machine operator, wardrobe, set designer, writer, researcher, 3 year HAM opeartor, and only Radio Tidbit investor. I’ve never done puppeteering or voice acting before for an audience. My primary call sign is VE3WWJ. My secondary call sign is VA3GMG and is where Dit makes his contacts from. This show is my hobby that allows me to hang out and destress with the boys at the lake.

The Radio Tidbits boys look up to “Lord Callum – The DXCommander”. (callsign M0MCX). He is a HAM operator and founder of DXCommander Antenna Systems. He is not a show sponsor or endorses it and doesn’t know we exist. Lord Callum is a generous man who has helped thousands get their footing into the hobby. He’s earned a lot of respect. The Radio Tidbit boys share this respect for him… perhaps a little too much.


Two old friends are camping at Pickle Lake Ontario Canada where “Dit” introduces his buddy “Dah” to the world of radio. The boys rag chew all sorts of topics that will help Dah focus his radio interests. What do you think Dah will decide? This season, our target audience is someone new, wanting to know where to begin to receive and maybe even transmit radio signals. Don’t take notes to keep your hands free for your hot chocolate. No topic will be complete or in depth. Your only assisgnment is to answer one question at the end of the season: “Do you want to learn more?”

Tidbit: “dit” and “dah” is how you say morse code out loud with your voice. More Info


Photo: Dit on the laptop. Dah on the BBQ.
Dit introduces a new collection of radio tidbits each night for his buddy Dah who is interested in radio. Dit was raised by a pack of wild dogs until the age of 13. He taught himself English by listening to a solar powered shortwave radio left by trekkers. He speaks with a “raspy preacher” accent due to the only type of radio stations he knew how to receive. He lives off grid today in his trailer and moves around.
Dah is learning how and where to get started in the radio hobby. His interests are expanded by season end, and you’ll never guess what happens. Dit and Dah met each other at a camping store. They have been hanging out ever since but never shared the same interest in radio… until now.
Whispering Willy video calls into the camp to show us his latest random object antenna adventures. He uses the WSPR (pronounced whisper) protocol to reach radio beacons all over the world. His experiments teach us about radio wave propagation, space weather and even geomagnetic activity. Whispering Willy met Dit eight years ago at another camp up in Alaska.
3R Darrryl sets the record straight on wide range of topics. His name has three R’s due to a an uncorrected spelling mistake on his birth certificate. His dad was a HAM operator and thought the RRR (short for roger roger roger) was funny and kept it. No one alive has phsyically seen what 3R Darrryl looks like. He met Dit over the radio on the 160 meter band.

Episode Tidbits (segments)

Coming Up:  (10 sec)
Quick preview
Opening: (3min)
Dit and Dah at the camp starts the discussion
Will it Propagate?: (2min)
Random and weird antenna testing while listening to classified WSPR stories
The Workbench: (3min)
Hardware discussions inside the trailer.
Debunked: (1min)
3R Darrrel sets the record straight on common misconceptions.
Digital After Dark: (2min)
Examine a different digital mode each night
Unsolved Signals: (3min)
Learn how to search and identify spooky radio signals
Will it Propagate?: (30sec)
Scan results
SSTV Challenge: (1min)
Audio transmission viewers decode with a SSTV phone apps. Previous episode’s message decode and presented.
Credits (30sec)


Episode 1: Atomic Bomb, Choosing a Radio, Hell, Spy Stations

Release Date: Coming Early 2024

  • Opening: First intro, general info and expectations
  • Will It Propagate? Object: Atomic Bomb (1)
  • The Workbench: Choosing Radios (WX,SWR,AIR,AM,NFM,FM,SW1,SW2,SW3,USB,LSB,SSB)
  • Debunked: Dead Air (Factors: schedules, propagation, month, noise pollution, antenna)
  • Digital After Dark: Hell (Hellschreiber)
  • Unsolved Signals: Spy Stations
  • Will It Propagate?: WSPR propagation results
  • SSTV Challenge: Previous graphic, Secret

(1) Special thank you to the Diefenbunker Cold War Museum for allowing Whispering Willy to conduct his tests for us to see in this episode. The staff are super friendly and helpful. They have many different activities outside of radio topics as well. It was an both an honour and pleasure to join the Diefenbunker Amateur Ham Radio Group (VE3CWM)) for an evening. Plan your visit back in time by clicking on the link above. 5/5 stars!


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